Wholesale Nurseries – Tips for Creating Gardens in a Bottle

Wholesale nurseries will help you find virtually any plant that you need. May it be an ornamental plant for your porch or a lovely houseplant; you will find the exact plant that you need. However, there is an upcoming trend of creating a garden in a bottle. The glass bottle gardens are a carefree way of growing your favorite indoor plants. They create amazing focal points, more so when planted with colorful foliage and different textures. If you are thinking about a bottle garden, there are a number of things you will have to do first.

Bottle gardens are the same as terrariums. They are more of small greenhouses that support miniature ecosystem of plants. Below are the top tips you need to use when creating your bottle garden.

Select the right bottle
The first step you need to take is that of selecting the right bottle. The bottle has to be clear so as to allow sunlight in and it also needs to be large enough to accommodate the plant you are ordering from plantscaper suppliers. If you must use a colored bottle, ask interiorscaper suppliers for advice on plants that can tolerate medium to low levels of light.

The ideal bottle should also have an opening that is big enough to fit your hand through. This makes planting and care easy. If this is not the case, you will have to use chopsticks or long-handled spoons to work on the soil and plant once it is inside the bottle. The most important thing is to make sure that the opening of the glass is big enough to fit through your desired plant.

The bottle does not necessarily have to be glass. You can also use the plastic soda bottles. With this option, you can cut opening for the plant to fit in.

Clean the bottle
Before placing your dracaena into the bottle, you need to start by washing it thoroughly. This helps eliminate toxins from the liquid that was in the bottle. Allow the bottle to dry completely so as to eliminate toxic substances which can harm the plant. What is more is that dry soil will not stick to the walls of a dry bottle.

Porous soil
You need porous soil for your bottle garden. This reduces rot and allows air to flow through. Adding pea gravel at the bottom will help improve soil drainage. The bottle top should be left open.

Find low-growing plants
When shopping for plants from wholesale nurseries, you need to make it clear to the growers that you need plants for a bottle garden. They will help you find the right low-growing plants. You don’t want a plant that will outgrow the bottle in days.

There are several plans you can use for your bottle garden. The low-growing tropical vegetation are the best. The most suitable ones include croton, prayer plant, southern maidenhair fern, club moss, polka-dot plant and Ti plants.

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