Plantscaper Suppliers – Why is the Houseplant Turning Brown and Dying?

Plantscaper suppliers do their best to supply you with the specific potted plant that you request and in the best possible health. However, once you get the plant home, you may start noticing some problems. One point you have to understand is that when it comes to potted plants, there is more to taking good care of them than just watering. In this article, we will be looking at the top reasons why your plant is turning brown and dying.

Improper watering
As you may have guessed, improper watering is the number one cause of brown leaves. If you forget to water your dracaena for day, it is possible that its roots will dry up. If you overwater it, the roots will tend to rot and this will cause the same problem. The roots of potted plants rot because they are situated in poorly drained soil. You need to make sure that the pot has drainage holes and that the soil is well drained.

To avoid problems resulting from improper watering, it is wise to consult with wholesale nurseries. The experts here will let you know how much water your plant needs on a daily basis. They will further educate you on the things you can do to keep your plant from turning brown and dying.

Another thing you cannot afford to overlook is the possibility of pests. An infestation will stress your draceana and it will tend to turn brown and die. A pest problem is the next thing you should consider if improper watering is not the culprit. The most common pests on houseplants are the mealy-bugs, spider mites and scales. Spider mites are too tiny for you to see them with your bare eyes. However, you will notice webbing on the leaves. Scales are also tiny. Their presence is distinguished by a waxy outer covering on your plant. Controlling pests will help your plant to regain its health. You have to control the pests as soon as you notice them.

Fertilizer is good for your houseplant but too much of it will cause problems. Your plant may be turning brown because it came into contact with herbicide spray or other chemicals. The use of too much fertilizer will also cause the brown problem. You need to check that you don’t splash the leaves of your plant with fertilizer or any other chemical.

The above are the top reasons why the plant from interiorscaper suppliers is turning brown. Other reasons why you may be having the problem is because of too much or too little sunlight, fungal diseases, lack of humidity and over-fertilizing.

The best news is that there are professionals out there that will help you save your houseplant from dying. Do not be afraid to work with the growers when attending to your houseplant.

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