Plantscaper Suppliers – How to Make Sure Your Houseplant Never Dies

Plantscaper suppliers will provide you with just any plant that you need for your home or office. However, what happens after that is all on you. The information you get from the growers is often not enough to get you completely set when caring for a houseplant. However, with a little research, you will be able to know what needs to be done to keep your plant healthy. Below are the points you need to consider when caring for your houseplant.

Follow the watering requirements
Plants need water to thrive. The amount of water needed varies from one plant to another. Therefore, when you are planning on bringing a dracaena home, it is good to start by understanding its watering needs. Plants with larger leaves need more water than those with smaller leaves. The time of year will also determine the frequency of watering. In addition to that, you need to use pure water. Don’t pour beverages into the pot. Contaminated water will only attract pests and weaken the plant. Tap water is not always the best because of the chemicals contained in it. Rain water is the best.

Inspect for pests and diseases
Regardless of the care you give the plant from interiorscaper suppliers; it will at one point in time be infected by a disease or pests. To keep your plants from dying, you need to act fast. This means you have to keep a keen eye on the plant and ensure that there are no pests or diseases that are affecting it. If any of the plants are infected, you have to separate them from the healthy ones. This will keep the infection from spreading. Pests and diseases should be treated immediately else they will weaken the plant and cause it to die.

Ensure it gets sufficient sunlight
Plants need sunlight to grow. Some of the plants from wholesale nurseries need more sunlight than others. Ask your supplier about the light needs of your plant. You need to match the plant to the conditions in your home or office. If your room does not get sufficient sunlight, you can always substitute it with grow lights. Place the grow lights over the plant to keep it from bending towards the light.

Don’t move the plant around too much
Moving your draceana every now and then from one spot in the room to another will only stress it. It is good to leave the plant in one spot for extended periods of time. This is so long as the spot has all the conditions needed for the plant to thrive. It is okay to rotate your plant every time after watering to ensure that it gets sufficient sunlight on all sides.

Always repot when necessary
Last but not least, do not take too long to repot your plant. Your plantscaper suppliers will give you information on how often you need to move the plant to new growing medium or to a bigger pot. Don’t take too long to repot your plant.

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