Plantscaper Suppliers – How to Buy Healthy Plants from Plantscaper Suppliers

Plantscaper suppliers are everywhere. It is up to you to find that one supplier that you can count on to deliver healthy plants to you. Always start by focusing on the reputation the supplier has gained over the years. Once you find that one supplier that you can rely on, the next step is to pick your next plant with care. Below are some of the things you need to do when shopping for dracaena or any other houseplant.

Pick the plant you can care for
The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you only consider the plants that you can care for. A common mistake that is made by most people when shopping for houseplants is that of picking a plant solely for its looks and completely ignoring the maintenance needs. When you do this, you risk bringing home a plant that will overwhelm you.

The rule of thumb when buying plants from wholesale nurseries is to focus on the maintenance needs. How much light does the plant require? How often will you need to trim your plant? Will you need to repot the plant to a bigger pot every few months? How much water will the plant need? These are all questions you need to answer when buying a plant from growers. If you will have trouble caring for the plant, chances are it will end up dying on you. Always match the plant to your daily schedule. Are you always in the house or office?

Only pick healthy plants
Buying a weak plant with the hopes of making it stronger again is a terrible mistake you can make. Yes you might get an amazing bargain for it but your joy will be short-lived. The fact that the plant looks weak even when getting the best care from the interiorscaper suppliers simply means it will end up dying on you. Invest your money wisely. Only go with the healthy plants. If it has signs of pest infestation or any illness, stay away from it. In addition to it dying on you, an unhealthy plant might end up infecting the rest of your healthy plants.

Isolate the new plant for a week
Just because the draceana you purchase from plantscaper suppliers is healthy does not mean you introduce it to the rest of your plants immediately. To make sure it does not have any diseases or pests, keep it away from your other plants for at least a week. Inspect it thorough and be sure it is healthy before you place it next to your other house or office plants.

Stay away from amazing bargains
Last but not least, when shopping for houseplants, you must always be wary of the amazing bargains. Often times, the plants are cheap because they are in bad health.

These are crucial points that will help you find the best houseplant from growers. Always make sure that you match your target plant to your office or home environment and to your schedule. Don’t pick a plant that will end up straining you.

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