Plantscaper Suppliers – How Houseplants Purify the Air

Plantscaper suppliers are familiar with the many benefits that houseplants offer. Although most people consider the potted plants for beautification alone, this is not the only thing these plants give. The rights plants will make you feel good and gradually improve your health and increase performance. The purpose of this post is to look at the different ways in which houseplants help purify the air.

Reduce levels of carbon dioxide
The first thing you need to understand about all plants, draceana included, is that they take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This means that the number one role of houseplants is to regulate the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. The more potted plants you have in a room the better.

One thing you will notice about high levels of humidity is that they boost productivity and health. High levels of carbon dioxide will cause drowsiness and will definitely reduce productivity. Have a few houseplants in your home or office will do you good. However, you should note that at night, most plants take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. This can be risky if you place the plants in the bedroom. Consult with the interiorscaper suppliers to find a plant that takes in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen at all times if you need a plant for your bedside table.

Eliminate toxins
The second way in which plants purify the air is through the elimination of toxins from the air. Dracaena is the most sought after plant when it comes to this. In the elimination of toxins, potted plants take in toxins from the air and break them down through their roots. Again, the more houseplants you have the better.

Even so, it is good to note that all houseplants will not survive in all environments. You need to make sure that you pick a plant that will thrive in your office or home conditions. If the room receives minimal sunlight, you want a plant that thrives in low light. Remember that how healthy your plant is will determine how effective it is in air purification.

Regulate humidity
Potted plants will help with humidity control. For this purpose, you need to pick plants with more and larger foliage in the wholesale nurseries. Plants release more than 90% of the water they take in through their roots. The air that is released is what helps with humidity control. To improve efficiency, you should water your plants regularly and group several potted plants together.

The above are just some of the main ways through which houseplants help with air purification. Studies show that people working in rooms that have houseplants are more productive and suffer from fewer respiratory problems. The rule of thumb, however, that you need to remember is that how healthy your plants are will determine how effective they are in air purification.

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