Plantscaper Suppliers – How Do You Deal with Leaves Splitting in Houseplants

Plantscaper suppliers can help you find that one unique plant that will add a spark in your dull, dead interior space. There are so many beautiful plants you can choose from. Most of them will maintain their beautiful look all year round. However, there are certain conditions that may cause your plant to look different. One of such problems is where the leaves of your houseplants start splitting.

There are so many factors that cause the leaves of some houseplants to split. The factors will vary depending on the species. However, in almost all cases, unfavorable growing conditions are to blame. If you have large leafed plants like bananas and bird of paradise, splitting leaves is a condition you should prepare for. These plants have leaves that split in response to high winds. This problem will hence be common if your plant is placed in a room with fans or lots of natural air flow. You should always consult your interiorscaper suppliers to understand the plants that are prone to splitting leaves.

If you see leaves splitting down the middle of your houseplants, more so if you have orchids, the problem may be caused by low humidity. The case is the same for draceana. You should check to make sure that the plant is getting adequate water and that there are trays beneath it to increase the levels of humidity. Wetting the leaves may also help. You can do so in the morning more so if the plant is too far from the source of humidity.

You cannot prevent leaf splitting in all houseplants. This is for the simple fact that leaf splitting is part of their growth process. This is more so if the leaves are splitting in older leaves. So long as there are other healthy leaves that haven’t split yet, you can pick the ones that have split and discard them. It is good to understand that leaves that have already split, on any plant including dracaena, will never heal.

When there is extensive leaf splitting on office plants that aren’t supposed to split, you should increase the watering. This is one of the best ways of ensuring the new leaves do not split. You should also consider using hygrometer to measure the humidity at the plant’s split leaves. You should then place the plant in a spot in the room that has higher humidity. Shelves over the kitchen sinks and in the bathrooms tend to have more humidity.

Split leaves will tarnish the overall look of your plants. When in wholesale nurseries, try and learn as much as you can about the plant you are targeting. Don’t forget to ask about the probability of leaf splitting.

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