Plantscaper Suppliers – Buying Houseplants for Windowless Rooms from Plantscaper Suppliers

Plantscaper suppliers offer all manner of plants. It is up to you to pick the one that suits your conditions. More often than not, when deciding on the plant to bring home, the first thing homeowners consider is the conditions in their rooms and more so access to sunlight. Houseplants need sunlight to grow. However, if your room is windowless or does not receive any sunlight, it does not mean you cannot get a plant for it.

Lack of sunlight in a room can be bad for both humans and plants. The good thing is that there are artificial solutions you can use to supplement the little sunlight your plants get. In the case of houseplants, you will find several plants in the wholesale nurseries that will survive in windowless rooms.

Picking a plant for windowless rooms
Sunlight is needed by plants for the process of photosynthesis. Sunlight is also what enables most plants to produce flowers and fruits. When shopping for windowless houseplants from growers, it is imperative that you pick specimens that have been tried and found to be true for windowless rooms. This will help green up your space without worrying about the young plant turning brown or dying.

Your office does not have to be in the lower basement or deep inside a skyscraper to experience the low light indoor conditions. Some offices and homes have lighting issues. This should not keep you from adopting your preferred plant. Interiorscaper suppliers have plants that are suitable for fully shaded or semi-shady areas. Before you pick out a plant, consider its size once it is mature. For example, in a darker room, a dracaena will get pretty tall.

Another important factor you will need to consider is the growth rate. If you are looking for a good sized plant, you have to pick one with a rapid growth rate. This will help fill your area with greenery pretty fast. Most growers will recommend the vining plants for this.

There are very many plants that you can purchase from plantscaper suppliers for the windowless room. Top on the list include:

  • Draceana
  • Snake plants
  • Peace lily
  • Cast iron plant

Invest in artificial lights
Just because your room is windowless does not mean you have to go for the plants that thrive in low light. If you are in love with a dracaena, you can still have it in your dark room. All you need to do is to invest in growing lights. There are so many artificial lights that you can use. Seek advice from the wholesale nurseries on the best lights to use.

Last but not least, since the room does not receive a lot of sunlight, the water in the pot will not evaporate as fast and the process of photosynthesis will be low. This means you may not need to water your plants as often as you would with your outdoor plants. You may have to resort to the water meter so as to prevent over or under-watering.

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