Office Plants – Why Ming Aralia are Great Office Plants

Office plants

add life to the room by purifying the air, improving aesthetic appeal and sharpening the focus of workers. If you are searching for the ultimate indoor plant, the Ming Aralia might just be what you need. These plants are poplar for indoor ornamentals, versatile, decorative and because they are easy to maintain. They are basically the essence of indoor plant excellence. Let us look at some of the reasons why they make great office plants.

Ornamental benefits

Ming Aralia is particularly interesting because of its foliage. As a matter of fact, Polyscias (its genus name) means many shaded. This is in reference to the luxuriant foliage of this evergreen shrub/ dwarf tree that is native to India. The plant grows slowly but can reach a height of 1 to 2 meters. Its leaves have a dark green pigment, glossy texture and tripinnate and they appear divided. The individual leaves vary from narrowly ovate to lanceolate and are about 10 centimeters long. The leaves are highly variable even on the same plant.

Unlike other trees that branch sideways, the Ming Aralia grows vertically. It is especially beautiful hence the perfect choice for office plants. The tips can be trimmed to encourage rapid branching and to thicken the trunk. With age, the lower branches will die off; leaving a beautiful ashen tan. The complex leaves, closely-set joints and bushy look are what make Ming Aralia particularly ornamental-looking.

The Ming Aralia can be used in virtually any decorative situation. You can use it for architectural treatment or sculptural calling.

Easy to manage

The Ming Aralia can be kept small by trimming or left to grow to several feet. The important thing to do is to ensure the office plants receive adequate sunlight. It can grow in any soil. Making rooted cuttings is quite easy too. The roots are fine and don’t spread far. Neglect of water causes the loss of leaves although the plant can withstand some level of drought without any permanent damage. All in all, they are not as tolerant to wet feet. Excessive watering will cause rot.

The Ming Aralia thrives in an environment with minimum temperatures of 60 degrees F. They can endure cold temperatures of 40 degrees F for a short while. Other than that, these office plants are not subject to pest attacks. They are highly resistant to infestation.

Purchasing Ming Aralia

When buying the office pants, you need to realize that although price is not a measure of quality; the low priced plants are linked to worse culture and poor selection. Poor Ming Aralia plants have blemished and light colored leaves. They are also thinner in texture and have a weak and pulpy stem.

Ming Aralia plants are ideal as office plants if you know how to take good care of them. You need to always remember that for office aesthetics, the plant requires full sun to partial shade or high interior lighting. The plant will not do well in a room that is too dark. You should also keep in mind that these plants grow fairly slow.

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