Office Plants – Why Aralia Fabian are Great Office Plants

Office plants

are a great addition to any setting. They improve the ambience, purify the air, help with humidity control and they have also been found to increase productivity and boost the overall mood of the employees. However, not every plant you purchase will bring the aforementioned benefits. You have to be meticulous when choosing a plant. Some plants offer more benefits than others. A good example is the Aralia Fabian. It is a shrubby evergreen tree that almost fell out of existence a few years back. However, it is making a comeback as one of the most preferred office plants.


The Aralia Fabian is mostly favored because of its foliage. It has large bipinnate leaves that are clustered at the end of the stems/ branches. Some species have bristles with most stems being prickly. These office plants bear whitish or greenish flowers that occur in the terminal panicles.

Why is it a great office plant?

As we mentioned earlier, Aralia Fabian make great office plants because of their foliage. They have a variety of leaf forms as well as coloration. The leaf forms range from elegant, lacy leaves found on the Ming to the rounded leaflets of the chicken gizzard. The variegations range from gold to cream to white to solid green. The plants have massive woody trunks that make them attractive as indoor plants. The branches are sweeping, curving and heavy. The foliage is shaggy. These traits make the plant ideal for ornamental benefits.

More foliage means better metabolic breakdown of airborne chemicals. Unlike other office plants that have fewer leaves, Aralia Fabian has more leaves which mean efficient elimination of chemical compounds from the air. The plant will help eliminate such compounds as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon dioxide. This leads to a more pleasant atmosphere that promotes good health and better mood.

Still on foliage, the use of one or more Aralia Fabian office plants will help with humidity control. Plants release moisture into the atmosphere. Studies show that a plant will release approximately 97% of the water it takes in. This is done through the process of photosynthesis. Effective humidity control leads to reduced sore throats, fatigue, coughs and a number of illnesses that are related to cold. Humidity control will further help reduce dust from the air. Aralia Fabian will therefore benefit persons with respiratory illnesses.

Who can use it?

The Aralia Fabian will benefit anybody in any setting. It does not matter whether your day job involves sitting by the desk all day or moving from one warehouse to the other, having an office plant will actually do-good to both your health and mood. The persons that stand to gain the most are those with respiratory problems.

Aralia Fabian plants are superior table top and reception counter accents. However, for these office plants to thrive, they require adequate light and a soil that is well-aerated. Adequate watering is essential but you must never over-water as doing so can cause the demise of the plant. In low light situations, watering only once in three weeks can be sufficient.

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