Office Foliage – What Really Affects the Condition of Office Foliage?

Office foliage needs to be well cared for in order for them to give you the many benefits that are associated with these plants. However, for you to give the plants the best care, you have to understand some of the main factors that affect the condition of your plants. This post looks at the main factors that will affect the overall health and growth of your houseplants.

Of all the factors that affect plants, light is the most important. Sufficient light is what enables the plant to produce its own food in order to survive. The more light the plant gets, the faster it will grow and the healthier it will be. The good news is that you don’t have to rely solely on sunlight. There are artificial growing lights that you can use to supplement the amount of light your dracaena gets.

Another thing that will affect the health of your plants is temperature. Different plants thrive in varying temperatures. Most of the plants from an interior foliage provider do well in a temperature that ranges from 72 degrees F to 82 degrees F. You need to liaise with the plantscaper suppliers to fully understand the temperature needs of the plant you are planning on bringing home. Make sure that it will survive in your target environment.

Relative humidity
Relative humidity is basically the amount of moisture that is contained in the air. Most plants will need a relative humidity that is above 20 percent. The medium is 40 to 50 percent. Most people overlook relative humidity when purchasing plants from wholesale nurseries. This is one of the key reasons why their plants end up dying. If the air in your home or office is too dry, you can consider using humidifiers. Alternatively, grouping several plants will help solve the low relative humidity problem.

Water quality
Most people understand that plants need water to thrive. What most people tend to ignore is the fact that the quality of water you give to your plants does matter. Water that has been contaminated with chemicals will actually cause your dracaena to die regardless of how well you water it. The best water to use on your plant is rain water. Never pour beverages into the plant’s pot.

Water quantity
The amount of water you give your plant will also affect its overall condition. Some plants need more water while others will do well with little water. Ask the interior foliage provider for advice on how much water the plant you are buying should get.

Size of the pot
If the pot is too small, the plant will not get sufficient nutrients from the soil. It is important to make sure that you repot your plant to a pot that is ideal for its size.

Last but not least, your plant will need the right nutrients. Most indoor plants will need fertilizer from time to time to supplement the nutrients in the soil. Only use the fertilizer that is approved for indoor plants.

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