Office Foliage – How Will Office Foliage Improve Productivity in an Office?

Office foliage is mostly considered for beautification purposes. This is because live plants are the best options for achieving a tropical look and adding character to a dull room. One thing that most people tend not to pay mind to is the fact that the right office plants will actually improve productivity in an office. The purpose of this post is to help you understand the different ways in which houseplants can change the lives of your employees.

Prevent colds
Delays in a work area mostly result from sick employees. Simple illnesses like the common cold will actually cause an employ to work slower or even make errors in his or her work. This is a problem that can be prevented with the right plant from wholesale nurseries. Office plants increase the levels of humidity in the room. This leads to a reduction in the levels of dust in the air. Consequently, plants will help reduce cold-related illnesses by up to 30%.

Combat drowsiness
When you feel drowsy, all you will want to do is sleep. The amount of work you end up doing in a day will also be reduced significantly. The right houseplant like dracaena can help combat the drowsiness problem. Drowsiness is mostly caused by high levels of carbon dioxide in the room. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen in the process of photosynthesis. Having a number of plants in the room will hence help remove the excess levels of carbon dioxide from the air. Needless to say, this will help deal with the drowsiness.

Reduce Stress
A stressed employee will not be as productive. Plantscaper suppliers will let you know of the many benefits of office plants in addition to their ability to reduce stress. Plants contribute to the feeling of wellbeing. This will help employees feel calm and optimistic. What is more is that studies have shown that plants can lower blood pressure because of their stress-relieving nature. If stress is what has been keeping you or your staffs from being productive, you just need to contact an interior foliage provider and purchase plants for your office.

Prevent Headaches
Headaches will keep you from working as hard and will even affect your concentration. Instead of taking pain killers every now and then, investing in office foliage could be what you need to prevent the headaches. The plants will increase the oxygen levels in the room and lower the levels of carbon dioxide. This means you will be less likely to breath in musty, stale air which is the common cause of headaches.

Deal with Allergies
Allergies can discomfort your staffs and keep them from doing their work right. The right plan from wholesale nurseries can help solve this problem. Plants eliminate toxins from the air, reduce dust as well as regulate humidity. This helps with the elimination of allergens from the air.

There are many more ways in which the right plant can help your employees to be more productive. You just need to liaise with an interior foliage provider and ensure you buy the plant you can comfortably care for.

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