Office Foliage – Health Benefits of Office Foliage

Office foliage offers myriad of benefits in addition to beautification. To most people, houseplants are considered simply for beautification purposes. However, if you have done your research on indoor plants, you may have seen the many more benefits that these plants will give you. In this post, we shall be focusing mainly on the health benefits of office plants.

Help with breathing
The number one reason why you need to go for the real plants instead of synthetic ones is because of the simple reason that these plants will assist in breathing. In respiration, inhaling brings oxygen to your body whereas exhaling removes carbon dioxide from the body. In the process of photosynthesis, the process is the opposite. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. This is what makes such plants as dracaena and humans great partners. These plants will increase the level of oxygen in the room.

All in all, you need to understand that the process changes at night. Most plants will take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide at night. Liaise with the interior foliage provider to help you know if the plant you are considering will take in carbon dioxide or oxygen at night. There are many houseplants that take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. These are the plants you should look for when you need a plant to place in your bedroom.

Deter illnesses
A houseplant will deter illnesses in a number of ways. To start with, helping with the regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels will aid in respiration which will in turn improve your health. The plants will further aid with humidity control thanks to transpiration. This ensures that the air in the room is not too dry. This will prevent respiratory problems. Another way plants from wholesale nurseries will help you is by removing some of the toxic elements from the air.

There are many studies that vouch for this. For example, the Bayer Advanced studies conducted at the Agricultural University of Norway show how plans can decrease incidences of colds, dry skin, dry coughs and sore throats when placed in a room. Other studies show that increased humidity will decrease the conduciveness for the transmission of a flu virus.

Boost healing
Studies at the Kansas University found that viewing plants in recovery from surgery will lead to great improvements in physiologic responses. Plants like dracaena have been found to lower the pain ratings, fatigue, and anxiety and also lower systolic blood pressure. Taking care of plants by patients has also been found to decrease the recovery time. This is according to the Texas A&M University.

Increase productivity
Last but not least, you should consider office foliage because it helps you work better. This is according to several studies which conclude that persons working in rooms that have houseplants are more productive. Being around plants boost memory, concentration and productivity.

These are just some of the benefits that should compel you to contact plantscaper suppliers. However, you have to make sure that you pick a plant you can easily care for.

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