Office Foliage – Dealing with Cultural Problems in Office Foliage

Office foliage will be a great investment for any office. This is because of the innumerable benefits that live plants offer over the synthetic ones. Nevertheless, you should always remember that your plants will only be as good as the quality of care you give them. If you are not taking time to water the plant or shield it from pests and diseases, it will be unhealthy and the benefits it offers will be reduced. The purpose of this post is to educate you on the different things you should do to solve common cultural problems.

Insufficient sunlight
The fact that you will be placing the plant indoors means that you have to account for the availability of sunlight. Plants need sunlight to grow. If your dracaena is not receiving sufficient sunlight, it will tend to have a pale growth with new leaves that are smaller than normal. The plant will also tend to lean and stretch towards light. The solution here is to invest in artificial growing lights or to move the plant to a brighter spot. It is also wise to consult with your interior foliage provider so that he can supply you with a plant that will survive in the limited light that your office gets.

Lack of water
Watering is very important. Your plant needs water to make its own food. If you notice that the foliage is tending to wilt, there is a good chance that the potting mix is dry. The solution here is to water the plant thoroughly. Don’t forget to ask your supplier in wholesale nurseries on the watering requirements of your plant before bringing it home.

Just because the plant needs water does not mean you overdo it. This is regardless of whether you want to compensate or not. If you are overwatering, the foliage of your plant will tend to wilt. The soil might also smell of decaying vegetation. All these are signs of overwatering. You need to start watering less frequently and also increase the amount of light the plant gets so that the plant can absorb water better.

Lack of fertilizer
The growing mix will not have sufficient nutrients to sustain the plant for eternity. You need to supplement the nutrients with fertilizer that is permitted for indoor use. Signs of lack of fertilizer include the growth that is slow and leaves that are pale in color. An interior foliage provider will help you find the right fertilizer for your plant.

Buildup of mineral salts in the soil
This is yet a common problem that homeowners face. The signs for this include stunted growth and the yellowing of leaves. A crust-like accumulation may also be seen at the base of the plant’s stem. The solution plantscaper suppliers will recommend is to leach the soil thoroughly with clean water. You may also need to repot the plant.

The above are the main cultural problems that you might have to deal with once you buy office foliage. Never hesitate to seek expert help. You need to ensure that your plant is as healthy as possible.

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