Growers – Why are the Leaves of Your Houseplants Turning Brown?

Growers make the effort of supplying their clients with health houseplants. This is because in their business, they thrive on their reputation. However, there comes a time when even after purchasing a healthy houseplant, you start to notice health issues a few days or weeks down the line. A common problem most plant owners get to deal with is that of the leaves turning brown. The first thing you need to do is not to panic. This is a problem that is more common than you might think. Second, you need to take a look at the different things that may cause this issue. The purpose of this post is to look at the primary causes of brown leaves.

The most obvious cause of brown leaves on any houseplant including dracaena is the lack of sufficient sunlight. If you can remember your biology class, plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. Being an indoor plant simply means that your plant will not be getting as much light as it should. The interiorscaper suppliers might have been supplementing natural sunlight with grow lights in their nurseries. If your plant is not getting adequate sunlight, its leaves will begin to turn brown.

If the brown leaves are on the side of the plant that is facing away from light, then the lack of sunlight is the cause of the brown leaves. You can either relocate the plant or make use of artificial growing lights. Plantscaper suppliers will be happy to give recommendations on the best growing lights to use.

Another common cause of brown leaves is water. If your draceana is not getting sufficient water, this might be the main cause of the brown leaves. In this case, the brown leaves tend to curl at the base of the plant then move up. It is very important that you adopt healthy watering schedules and ask your supplier for advice on the best watering practices. Different plants have different watering needs. Make sure you are not under or overwatering your plant.

The lack of humidity can also causes the leaves of the healthy plants you bought from wholesale nurseries to turn brown. This is a very common but often overlooked problem. If your houseplant is a tropical plant, it will need more humidity. Failure to give it the humidity it needs will cause the leaves to turn brown at the tips. To solve this issue, you should consider misting your houseplants with water, setting a pot in the dish of small stones and water and also grouping several plants together.

If there is too much heat around the plant, its leaves will turn brown. The leaves will curl and later on fall off prematurely. This is an issue mainly caused by too little water paired with too much sun. Placing the plant near the HVAC can also cause this problem.

These are the key issues that may be killing your plant. If none of these issues apply, you should consider liaising with growers for advice on how to care for your plant.