Growers – What You Should be prepared to Do after Buying a Potted Plant

Growers can never have enough time to educate you on all the things you need to know about caring for your houseplant. Most of the things you will have to learn as you go. The key is to make use of every piece of information that comes your way. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the key things you should get ready to do once you purchase a houseplant.

Watering regularly
The first is the most obvious thing. Plants, just like all other living things, need water to survive. You will have to water your plant regularly and using uncontaminated water. Some plants will require more water than others. Discuss the watering needs with the attendants at the wholesale nurseries before picking out a plant.

Provide adequate sunlight
In addition to water, your houseplant will need access to sunlight. If it doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, you will notice that it will turn yellow and weaken. This is because plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. This is the process in which they make their own food. The good news is that if your room doesn’t receive adequate sunlight, you can make use of grow lights. These will supplement the light around your dracaena. If sunlight is coming in from one direction, you should consider turning your plant at least once a day to make sure all the parts receive adequate sunlight.

Inspecting for pests and diseases
Plants are living things which means they are also prone to diseases. Every time you are watering your plant, you have to inspect it keenly for pests and diseases. If left unchecked, pests and diseases can weaken your plant to the extent of killing it. The sooner you notice the problem the better. Seek help from plantscaper suppliers to learn how to treat and prevent pests and diseases.

Keeping the plant clean
A dirty plant will tarnish the desired look. With time, the leaves will get dusty. You need to wipe them clean using a wet piece of cloth. Keeping the plant clean will ensure that all the pores are clear. This will help improve the overall look and health of your draceana.

Repotting it
Another thing interiorscaper suppliers will let you know is that you will have to repot your houseplant to a bigger pot or a different growing medium after a while. Do not take long to repot your plant as that will harm it.

Using fertilizer
Last but not least, you have to use fertilizer that has been permitted for indoor plants. Your plantscaper supplier will point you in the right direction when searching for the right fertilizer.