Growers – How to Grow Ornamentals as Houseplants

Growers strive to provide their clients with healthy plants that meet their unique needs. Whether you need an ornamental plant to grow outside or a lovely houseplant for your home or office, you will be able to find this from a single nursery. The purpose of this post, however, is to help you learn how you can grow the ornamentals as houseplants.

Most of the plants that grow outside as ornamentals are actually warm weather perennials which can be grown all year indoors. Provided the plants get adequate sunlight, they can be adopted as indoor plants. Alternatively, you can move them inside whenever the weather gets colder. Even so, you will have to liaise with wholesale nurseries in order for you to get a healthy plant that will not disappoint you.

To grow the outdoor ornamentals as houseplants, the first thing you need to do is to pick a plant that will thrive at room temperature. You will also want to pick out a plant that does not need too much sunlight. Most interiorscaper suppliers will be happy to give you some good recommendations. Below are some popular ornamental plants you can grow indoors.

Asparagus fern
This is a great plant that grows quickly. Its green foliage that is dotted with delicate flowers and bright red berries make it one of the most sought after ornamental plant. What is more is that it works well in a container. This means you don’t have to struggle when you want to move it inside the house during winter or to take it out during summer.

Geraniums are beautiful ornamental plants you can get from growers. They bloom throughout winter. All that is needed is for you to place them next to a bright window. They need adequate light to survive.

This is also known as the elephant ear. If you have a spacious room, this is a plant you should consider bringing into your house. Just like dracaena, this is a plant that grows well indoors. It will remain colorful throughout winter. It only needs indirect sunlight.

This is an ornamental plant that thrives in the shade. It can also be planted to drape over the edge of the pot thus creating a nice cascade effect from the tall shelf or table. This is a plant you should ask your plantscaper suppliers for when shopping.

The above are unique ornamental plants that will make the perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use. However, there are two other amazing plants you can consider but they require more care than the aforementioned ones.

The begonias are great ornamental plants but they need more maintenance. They need high humidity and like their soil to dry out between watering. You will have to line the plant with saucer with pebbles. This keeps the pot’s runoff water from evaporating too quickly.

Hot pepper plants
This is another plant you can request from the wholesale nurseries. The pot needs direct sunlight more so from grow light. The leaves should also be monitored for aphids.