Factors that Affect the Growth of Interior Foliage

Factors that Affect the Growth of Interior Foliage

You certainly have heard it all about the benefits of interior foliage. The benefits range from improved indoor environment to a range of health benefits. Even so, for your plant to give you these benefits, you have to keep it healthy. To do this, you need to understand the factors that affect the growth of your houseplants.


This is a no brainer. Plants need light for photosynthesis. This is how your office foliage produces food. The more light that is available, the more food the plant will produce and the more growth you will notice. Windows facing east provide best light and temperature for your potted plants. All in all, while adequate light is important, too much of it will damage your interior foliage.

In a building, the amount of light in any given location is variable. To make sure you purchase wholesale interior foliage that will survive in your home, pick the ones that can survive in your target location. If your room does not get much sunlight, then you need a houseplant that can survive in low light and vice versa for the brightly lit rooms.


Temperature has a huge impact on the growth of indoor plants. You have to remember that most houseplants originate from the tropical and subtropical areas. This means they will not be able to withstand extreme low temperatures. High temperatures will speed up respiration thereby boosting plant growth.

Houseplants have varying requirements in the maximum and minimum temperature needs. A wholesale interior foliage expert will let you know the best temperatures for your target office foliage. Tropical plants like dracaena will do well at temperatures ranging between 90 and 95 degrees F. These are, however, high temperatures that you cannot tolerate indoors. As a result, the plants will adapt to room temperatures or 70 to 80 degrees F.

Relative humidity

This is the amount of moisture that is contained in the air. For the office foliage, relative humidity that is lower than 20% is low. 40 to 50 percent is considered medium whereas above 50% is high. In spite of its importance, relative humidity is the most overlooked factor when growing indoor plants. Tropical plants need higher humidity. You can compensate for the lack by placing your dracaena plants close together, using shallow containers filled with water and gravel to provide evaporation, use humidifiers, or use mist bottles.


Everyone understands the importance of water to a plants growth. What most people tend to ignore is that the quality of water being used plays a significant part. In addition to learning how to water your plants properly, you have to use good quality water. Too much chlorine will damage your interior foliage.

The above are the main factors that will affect the health of your office foliage. Do not forget to give your plant proper nutrition with the right fertilizer designed for indoor use. Making sure your wholesale interior foliage is free from pests and dust will further benefit its growth. You should also not forget to prune and clean your plants.