Dracaena Marginata

10" Dr MarginataDracaena Marginata, commonly called the Dragon Tree, is  part of the Asparagaceae family. It is an interior plant that is stiff leaved and has great, colorful foliage.

Dracaena are , drought-tolerant plants with good root systems and make great interior plants for the office or home.

They are more hardy than some of the other types of dracaena.  Sometimes they are grown as single-stemmed plants, occasionally grouped, and can even be braided together in the same pot.

The species are native to Africa, with a few in southern Asia and also in tropical Central America. We grow our Dracaena in the tropical climate of Hawaii, harnessing the perfect climate to produce top quality plants.

Species of Dracaena have a thickening meristem  which makes them different from other dicotyledonous plants.

Sometimes referred to as dragon trees or Madagascar Dragon Trees ,they grow in an arid, semi-desert areas. They are tree-sized with sturdy trunks and stiff, broad-leaves.  They can possess a red edge to their leaves as well.

Dracaena perform best in a temperature of around 75 degrees and require less water than many plants.

When ordering from West Coast Nurseries you can rest assured our Dracaena are both grown at, and kept at the optimal temperature and moisture.

Once our Dracaena reach the appropriate age, we ship them from Hawaii to our facility in San Marcos where they undergo inspection and acclimation and are then ready to be shipped to your facility.


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