Dracaena – How to Keep Your Dracaena Healthy

Dracaena is definitely one of the most sought after houseplants in the world. This is because of the many benefits the plant is known to guarantee. It is one of the most effective plants in removing toxins from the air, regulating oxygen levels as well as moisture. However, if you don’t give your plant the care it needs, you will never enjoy the full the benefits. The purpose of this post is to help you understand some of the things you need to do to keep your office foliage healthy. The healthier the plant is, the more benefits you will get.

Ensure it gets sufficient light
Plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. This is the process through which they make their food. When the plant does not get adequate sunlight, it will get weak and this paves room for a range of health issues. Making sure your plant gets sufficient sunlight is the key to keeping it healthy. The best thing is that the room does not necessarily have to receive sunlight. You can make use of growing lights. It is important that before you buy a plant from plantscaper suppliers you ask them about the light needs of the specific plant. Some plants will require more sunlight than others.

Water properly
Water is crucial. Properly watering your plant is the best thing you can do. Again, you need to talk to your interior foliage provider regarding the watering needs of the plant. Some plants will require you to water more frequently. This is more so when it comes to those with large and fleshy leaves. Other plants can survive with minimal watering. Learning how to water your office foliage properly will guarantee that you have healthy plants.

Never bring home diseased plants
It is common for human nature to kick in when buying plants in wholesale nurseries. It is common for people to buy plants out of pity. This is something you must never do when shopping for dracaena or any other plant. If the plant looks sick, chances are it will die on you. You want to bring home a healthy plant. Inspect the plant thoroughly and make sure it is healthy and not infested with pests. The last thing you want is for it to infect your other healthy office plants.

Don’t water with anything but water
Although soda contains water, you must never use it to water your office plant. You only need to water the plant with fresh water; preferably rainwater. Pour beverages into the plant pot will not only introduce toxins but also attract pests to your plant.

Repot when necessary
With some plants, you will need to repot them after a couple of months. Make sure you repot the plant at the right time. You need to move it into a larger pot and use fresh growing medium. You should also ask the professionals in the wholesale nurseries for advice on using fertilizer.

The above points will help you keep your office plant healthy. The rule of thumb is to only consider the houseplants that you can comfortably care for.