Dracaena – How to Ensure Your Dracaena Gets Sufficient Humidity

Dracaena is one of the most sought after houseplant by people who want to enjoy the many benefits of having plants in a room. It is not only beautiful but also provides numerous health benefits to the occupants. However, for your plant to thrive, you have to learn how to give it the best possible conditions. In this post, we shall be looking at the different houseplant humidity guidelines you should follow.

Most homes are too dry for plants to thrive. This is why when considering office foliage, you have to consider its humidity requirements. The leaves of most plants will turn brown when the air is too dry. This is common in rooms that have a central heating. Such rooms are quite dry during the fall and winter. The case is the same when the air conditioner runs a lot. Unless you are buying a cacti or another plant that is native of dry conditions, you have to consider the humidity in your room.

Use humidifiers
One of the simplest ways of ensuring your plants thrive is to invest in a humidifier. This will add moisture in the room which will greatly benefit your houseplants. The good thing is that the humidifier will also benefit you too. You can purchase small vaporizers and place them close to your plants. However, it is good to inquire from your interior foliage provider about the humidity needs of your plant.

Group plants together
Another great method you can use to solve the low humidity problem is to group the plants together. This works because the moisture that is released by one plant will be picked by the other and vice versa. However, even when you are grouping plants, you should make sure they are not too close together. They need sufficient air circulation in order to ward off diseases. Additionally, if the leaves are too close together, this may make it easy for the spread of pests and diseases.

Spray the plants with water
It will also help to spray your plants frequently with a fine mist of tepid water. You should spray both the tops and the bottoms of the leaves. You can mist the plant in the morning and in the afternoon. Don’t mist the plant at night as this will increase the risk of diseases. Misting the plant will also repel certain pests like the red spider mites.

Place the potted plant in a bigger pot
This is yet another great method you can use. Place the potted plant you bought from wholesale nurseries in a larger pot then fill the gaps between the two pots with sphagnum moss. Pour water over the moss until it is moist. This will provide your plant with the humidity it needs.

There are so many reasons why ensuring your plants get sufficient humidity is good. The good thing is that you can seek advice from plantscaper suppliers to understand what is needed for your plant to thrive. Don’t just rely on guesswork when caring for your dracaena.