Dracaena – How Plants like Dracaena Can Affect Your Feelings

Dracaena is a common houseplant in both homes and offices. This is because of its power to eliminate toxins from the air and its ability to regulate carbon dioxide levels and control humidity. These are the main reasons why most people consider investing in houseplants. One point you may not already know is that houseplants can actually improve your mood.

Have you notice you often feel more at ease when walking through a forest or during a picnic in the park? Why is that so? The scientific name for this feeling is known as biophilia.

Biophilia is a term that was coined back in 1984 by Edward Wilson – a naturalist. The term translates to ‘love of life’. It refers to the way humans are naturally drawn to living things such as pets and plants. It is possible to reap the natural benefits of biophilia right at home by purchasing the right houseplants from plantscaper suppliers.

Effect of plants
Humans benefit from biophilia and plants offer the low maintenance sources of that. Studies have shown that the presence of plants can actually lower blood pressure; anxiety as well as decrease stress and boost concentration. In most of these studies, persons working in rooms that had houseplants experienced less stress and were found to need less painkillers. What is more is that having the best houseplants from interiorscaper suppliers will enable you to purify the air around you and boost the levels of oxygen.

How else to plants help?
In addition to biophilia, having plants in your home will reduce health problems. The main reason for this is because plants like draceana will eliminate toxic elements from the air. The plants will also regulate the humidity levels in the air as well as boost the energy levels. All this leads to a reduction in air particles that can cause respiratory problems.

How to use houseplants
Having a single houseplant on your table will work wonders. However, it is recommended to get more than one plant from the growers. This is because when grouped together, plants will regulate the humidity better and will also be more effective in the elimination of toxins from the air. You also need to consider plants that complement the ambience and ones that you can comfortably care for.

There are so many houseplants you can choose from. The important things to consider are the maintenance needs of the plant, what it is prone to and its overall look. Wholesale nurseries will have a wide selection of houseplants for you to choose from. Make sure you pick one with care. Not all houseplants out there will be perfect for you.