Dracaena – 7 Illnesses You Didn’t Know Dracaena Can Prevent and Cure

Dracaena is one of the most sought after houseplants in the world. This is because people are familiar with the many benefits the plant offers and also because the plant is recommended for use by NASA. NASA says that indoor plants will actually boost your health since they grab as well as filter the polluted air. This means if you suffer often from allergic reaction in your home or office, chances are a good plant will help solve that problem.

When it comes to the health benefits of plants, you should note that some plants are better than others especially when it comes to moisture control and the removal of toxins from the air. Seek advice from a competent interior foliage provider to know which plant will best suit your needs. All in all, for you to get better results, NASA recommends having at least 14 houseplants in your home or business. If you are using larger plants, you may not need as many plants to clean the air. Below are some of the illnesses houseplants will help combat.

Common cold
This is a common health problem around the world. The bad news is that there is no permanent cure for this. Office foliage can help reduce the risk of a common cold. They increase the humidity levels as well as decrease the dust in the air. Houseplants have been found to effectively reduce cold-related illnesses by up to 30%.

When the levels of carbon dioxide in a room are high, you suffer more from drowsiness. This is a problem that can be fixed with the right plant from reputable wholesale nurseries. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. The process of photosynthesis will effectively help you reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air and increase oxygen levels.

Stress leads to a myriad of problems right from low productivity to increased risk of illnesses. A healthy plant from plantscaper suppliers can help contribute to the feeling of wellbeing, make you feel calm and optimistic. As a matter of fact, office plants have been found to lower blood pressure because of their stress relieving nature. This is one of the reasons why you will find plants in recovery rooms. They help boost healing.

High carbon dioxide levels may cause you to experience headaches. The right plant from an interior foliage provider will help prevent this problem.

Plants will help with moisture control, remove toxins from the air as well as reduce the amount of dust. All this will lead to a reduction of allergic reactions.

Certain plants such as eucalyptus will help clear congestion and phlegm from your system. It is a  natural antiseptic.

Increased levels of oxygen will help boost your sleep. However, you need to ensure the plant you place in your bedroom gives out oxygen at night.

Dry skin
Plants are humidifiers. Increased moisture levels will solve the dry skin problem.

These are all benefits of having a dracaena or any other plant in your home. Do your research first to make sure you can manage caring for the specific plant you are ordering.