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Plantscaper Suppliers – How to Grow Houseplants in Your Bedroom

Plantscaper suppliers provide houseplants that can fit in just any home. For generations, we have been told that houseplants are a good addition in homes because they reduce the carbon dioxide levels while at the same time purifying the air by removing toxins and helping with humidity control. This is done through photosynthesis. The health of your selected plant will also determine how effective the plant is in offering the benefits that come with houseplants. Often times, houseplants are placed in the living rooms and offices but did you know you can also put a houseplant in the bedroom too?

Many plants release carbon dioxide at night and not oxygen. This is what makes most people not consider the use of houseplants in the bedroom. Even so, it is good to note that having a few houseplants in your bedroom will not give out enough carbon dioxide to bring you harm. In addition to that, not all plants release carbon dioxide at night. You just need to ask interiorscaper suppliers for a plant that will be ideal for your bedroom. Here are some of the considerations you need to make when shopping for a potted plant.

Consider lighting needs
Unlike the living room, the natural light getting here may not be a lot. Considering plants need sunlight to thrive, failure to provide them with adequate sunlight may cause problems. You don’t want to use grow lights in the bedroom. That is why the plants you end up picking should be able to thrive in the natural light that your bedroom gets. Again, the experts in wholesale nurseries will help find the perfect houseplant for that.

Choose an easy to care plant
Another thing you need to consider is the care needs of your plant. You only spend time in the bedroom at night. It is very easy to forget about your houseplant once you leave the room. This is why you need a plant that is easy to care for like dracaena. The ideal plant should not require too much water. It should also not be prone to myriad pests and diseases.

Consider carbon dioxide emissions
There are certain plants that don’t give out carbon dioxide at night. These are the ideal plants you should add in your bedroom. They will improve the air quality in your bedroom 24/7. Plantscaper suppliers will be happy to point you to the best plants for this.

Take note of the theme
Last but not least, you have to consider the theme in your bedroom. What do you want to achieve. Blooming plants might not be the best choice here. You need a tropical plant like draceana.

You can use just any potted plant in your bedroom. Some of the highly recommended plants include dracaena, snake plants, peace lily, spider plant, gerbera daisy, Aloe Vera and English Ivy. Pick your plant with care.

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Wholesale Nurseries – How to Find the Perfect Houseplant for Your Room

Wholesale nurseries offer a wide selection of potted plants that you can pick from. You can buy a plant to place on your patio, to grow in your backyard or to place in your living room or even bedroom. However, regardless of how attractive a potted plant is, it is important to understand that not every plant will be ideal for you. There are so many things that determine whether the plant will be a perfect choice or not. Here are the key considerations you will have to make when shopping.

Know your preferences
The first thing you will need to do is to understand your needs. What do you prefer to have in your room? Do you need a plant that will purify the air or one for adding beauty? What you want to see is what will help pick the plant that will not disappoint you. Never start shopping for a plant from interiorscaper suppliers without first making a list of the things you want the plant to do for you. Do you need it for the bedroom? How easy should it be for you to care for the houseplant? What is your budget?

Consider your daily schedule
Now that you understand your preferences, the next step is to consider you lifestyle. How often are you in the house or office? Will you have adequate time to water your plant and repot it when need be? Your daily schedule should be used when shopping for a houseplant. For example, if you are never in the house, you should go for plants that require minimal care. They should not need to be watered too often. You also need to consider how soon you need to add fertilizer and when you need to prune and repot the plant. Dracaena is one of the best plants you can have if you have a tight day schedule.

Consider the ambience
What is the atmosphere in your room? Does the room get enough natural sunlight? Is it dusty? You will have to provide the growers with this information in order to pick the perfect plant for your room. Not every houseplant will survive in the conditions in your house. That is why you should match the plant with those conditions. The plantscaper suppliers will help you know if the plant will survive in the room or not.

Understand the care needs of the plant
Last but not least, you have to understand the unique care needs of the houseplant. The last thing you want to do is to stress your plant to the extent that it dies. Always purchase a plant that will not stress you and one that you can care for easily.

These points will help find and purchase the best plant. All in all, you need to make sure that the interiorscaper suppliers you end up using have a good reputation when it comes to the supply of healthy plants.

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Plantscaper Suppliers – How to Purchase a Houseplant to Freshen the Air

Plantscaper suppliers offer all manner of houseplants that you can buy and add to your office, sitting room or bedroom. The problem, however, is that not all plants will suit your needs. You have to be very cautious when picking out a plant especially when you need one for air freshening. In this post, we will be discussing the important considerations you have to make before picking out a houseplant.

Consider the scent before buying
One of the most important things you have to do when buying a houseplant from wholesale nurseries is to consider the scent. Different plants have different scents. All in all, not everyone will appreciate the sweet smelling blossoms of the citrus trees. You have to spend some time taking in the scents of different plants before making a choice. The last thing you want is to bring home a plant that will leave you nauseated. You want a plant that gives out a great smell, a smell that you appreciate. Still on that, it is good to note that a houseplant does not necessarily have to give out a smell for it to keep the air fresh. Plants like dracaena have no noticeable scents but they will surely keep the air fresh by increasing the oxygen levels and removing toxins from the air.

Buy more than one plant
A single potted plant will not be enough to keep the air fresh. You need to buy several houseplants and either position them in different parts of the room or group them together. If your target is the draceana, you should go for several plants. This way, you will be guaranteed of better results since several plants will be more effective in eliminating the toxins, helping with humidity control, boosting the levels of oxygen and circulating the sweet scent that you need in the room.

Keep the plant healthy
You may have the best potted plant interiorscaper suppliers have to offer but if you don’t give it the best care, the results will not be as great. The first thing you have to do is to make sure that you purchase a plant that you can easily care for. Start by taking note of the watering needs. You also need to understand the pests and diseases that the plant is prone to. Giving the plant the best care is the only way you will be able to keep the air fresh.

Be cautious when buying one for the bedroom
Last but not least, you should not place the plants in just any room. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen during the day and take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide at night. Placing these plants in your bedroom can be risky. Ask growers for plant species that take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen throughout.

Houseplants are a great investment. Make sure that you purchase one that meets your needs. You should also be able to care for the plant that you purchase.

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Wholesale Nurseries – How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy

Wholesale nurseries have just any plant that you need to adopt as a houseplant. However, before you pick out a houseplant, it is very important that you take the time to learn a few things about it. The mistake most people make is that of buying a plant mainly for its looks. You need to consider the care needs. The purpose of this post is to give you a quick guide that will help you purchase the right plant and keep it healthy.

Know the plant
Keeping houseplants healthy begins long before you pick one out from the plantscaper suppliers. Plants need food, water and sunlight. The amount that is needed varies from one plant to another. For example, the focus tree will thrive with indirect light and moist soil. Cacti, on the other hand, do well under bright light and dry soil. The light and water needs of a plant are the first things you should understand before picking out a plant. You want to ensure that you pick plants that will thrive in the conditions in your room.

Indoor plants will also need fertilizing on a regular basis. You will also need to repot them to a bigger pot or different growing medium. The reason why you need to understand the care needs of the houseplants is so as to keep them healthy. Needless to say, a healthy dracaena will be able to effectively ward off pests and diseases.

Buying the wrong plant will mean that you will not give it the care it needs. As a result, the plant will be prone to pests and diseases. When working with the growers, always request for a houseplant that you can easily care for. The right plant must fit in your room and your schedule.

Consistent watering
Now that you understand your plant, it is time to give it the best care once you bring it home. Start by providing it with consistent water. Alternating periods of flood and drought will stress the plant root system. Most plants like the draceana love their roots to be kept consistently moist but not wet. Other plants want their roots to dry out a little bit between watering. Always ask for the plant care needs from your supplier. You must also use fresh water to water your plants. Contaminated water will cause your plants to suffer.

Prevent pests and diseases
Last but not least, you have to keep an eye out for pests and diseases. When one plant is infested, the problem can spread to other plants very fast. The sooner you treat the pest or disease problem the better. You also need to ensure that you buy healthy plants from the interiorscaper suppliers. The last thing you want is for the new plant to infect the other healthy plants in your room with pests and diseases. Washing the leaves of your plants at least once a year will further help ward off pests and prevent diseases.

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Plantscaper Suppliers – Quick Guide on Caring for Office Plants

Plantscaper suppliers understand that even the dullest offices can benefit from a houseplant. This is why they supply a wide range of potted plants that you can choose from. However, after bringing the plant home or into your office, you still need to give it the right care if you wish to benefit from it. In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the things you ought to do when caring for your office plant.

Plants need water to thrive. The first thing you will need to do before purchasing a dracaena or any other plant is to understand its watering needs. Some plants will do well with regular watering while with others you can just water them once a week. Poor watering habits will cause your plant to weaken or even die. Contact your interiorscaper suppliers for information on watering.

In general, you need to water your plants with lukewarm fresh water. Do so gently until water starts trickling through the drainage holes. Only water when the top of the soil feels dry. If the soil is still damp, don’t water as that will cause overwatering. You must also allow the potted plant to drain and never leave the pot standing in water.

The second thing you will need to do is to make sure that your plant receives adequate sunlight. draceana and all plants need sunlight to survive. They use sunlight in the process of photosynthesis. This is the process through which they make their own food. If they don’t get enough sunlight, they will turn yellow, weaken and die.

The houseplant needs to be placed close to a window. You should also make the point of rotating it every now and then to make sure all its cells are getting sufficient sunlight. If light is coming from one side and you don’t rotate the plant, it will tend to bend towards the light.

Not all offices receive sunlight. In this case, you should start by contact the wholesale nurseries and asking for plants that can survive in low light. You will be amazed by how many beautiful plants meet this standard. Alternatively, you can make use of grow lights. These are artificial lights that supplement sunlight. Place these lights directly over your plant.

Last but not least, when caring for your office plant, you ought to understand that you will need to repot it after a few months. The plant will outgrow the pot. In addition to that, the nutrients in the grow-medium can only sustain the plant for so long. Contact your growers for information on repotting.

These are the important points you need to understand about office plants. You have to make sure that you give your plants the best care possible. If you need any help, never hesitate to seek help from plantscaper suppliers.

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Wholesale Nurseries – How to Treat Plant Repot Stress

Wholesale nurseries know that after a few months, the potted plant has to be moved to a different pot. This is done to ensure the plant is in a container that is large enough for its roots and a pot with a fresh supply of nutrients. More often than not, your supplier will inform you on how often you need to repot the houseplant. All in all, things don’t always go smoothly when repotting. The objective of this article is to educate you on how to deal with repot stress.

Transplant shock
The main challenge faced after repotting potted plants is the transplant shock. This condition is associated with plants having wilted leaves and other symptoms. The problem is caused by how you handled the plant when transplanting it. One of the main reasons for the transplant shock is repotting the houseplant at the wrong time. You must never repot your plant when it is blooming. This is mostly during spring.

The transplant shock may also be caused by the use of a different type of soil. Your dracaena needs to be transplanted into a pot that uses the same growing medium as before. The transplant shock may also be experienced if after repotting you place the plant in different lighting conditions or leave its leaves exposed to air for an extended period of time after transplanting.

Treating the repot stress
If you don’t treat the repot stress, you might find your draceana succumbing to the condition. The fact that your plant is experiencing transplant shock means it has already been hurt; it your duty to treat it if you wish for it to survive. Below are some of the things you need to do to treat the shock.

  • Ensure there are enough drainage holes in the new pot. The worst mistake you can make is that of drilling more holes while the plant is still potted. The risk of damaging the plant roots will be high and this can cause more problems.
  • Place the plant in the same spot as before. The first thing growers will tell you is that changing the location of the plant will stress it. This is because a different location will have different sunlight, air conditions and temperature. Placing the plant in the same position will ensure that it gets the same lighting and temperature conditions as it did before.


  • Give it water-soluble fertilizer. Extra nutrients never hurt a plant. You should give it a dose of water-soluble plant food. Interiorscaper suppliers will help you find the right product for this.
  • Nip off the dead leaves. After the trauma, the plant’s leaves will tend to dry. You should remove these dead leaves. This will make room for new leaves.


Caring for houseplants is never easy. There is a lot that need to be done. The best way forward is to always liaise with the plantscaper suppliers. Avoid the guesswork. Seek professional advice whenever you need help.

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Growers – What You Should be prepared to Do after Buying a Potted Plant

Growers can never have enough time to educate you on all the things you need to know about caring for your houseplant. Most of the things you will have to learn as you go. The key is to make use of every piece of information that comes your way. The purpose of this article is to educate you on the key things you should get ready to do once you purchase a houseplant.

Watering regularly
The first is the most obvious thing. Plants, just like all other living things, need water to survive. You will have to water your plant regularly and using uncontaminated water. Some plants will require more water than others. Discuss the watering needs with the attendants at the wholesale nurseries before picking out a plant.

Provide adequate sunlight
In addition to water, your houseplant will need access to sunlight. If it doesn’t get sufficient sunlight, you will notice that it will turn yellow and weaken. This is because plants need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis. This is the process in which they make their own food. The good news is that if your room doesn’t receive adequate sunlight, you can make use of grow lights. These will supplement the light around your dracaena. If sunlight is coming in from one direction, you should consider turning your plant at least once a day to make sure all the parts receive adequate sunlight.

Inspecting for pests and diseases
Plants are living things which means they are also prone to diseases. Every time you are watering your plant, you have to inspect it keenly for pests and diseases. If left unchecked, pests and diseases can weaken your plant to the extent of killing it. The sooner you notice the problem the better. Seek help from plantscaper suppliers to learn how to treat and prevent pests and diseases.

Keeping the plant clean
A dirty plant will tarnish the desired look. With time, the leaves will get dusty. You need to wipe them clean using a wet piece of cloth. Keeping the plant clean will ensure that all the pores are clear. This will help improve the overall look and health of your draceana.

Repotting it
Another thing interiorscaper suppliers will let you know is that you will have to repot your houseplant to a bigger pot or a different growing medium after a while. Do not take long to repot your plant as that will harm it.

Using fertilizer
Last but not least, you have to use fertilizer that has been permitted for indoor plants. Your plantscaper supplier will point you in the right direction when searching for the right fertilizer.


Interiorscaper Suppliers – Best Way to Water Your Houseplant According to Interiorscaper Suppliers

Interiorscaper suppliers know that one of the most important things to do when caring for potted plants is to adopt healthy watering habits. More often than not, most houseplants die because of poor watering habits. If you are thinking of bringing home a houseplant, the most important thing you need to do is to make sure that you understand the watering needs and be certain that you can keep up with the needs of your plants. In this post, we shall be discussing a few tips you should use when it comes to watering.

Use clean water
First and foremost, when it comes to watering, you have to make sure that you only use clean water. The mistake most people make is that of assuming that any liquid that contains water is okay. Pouring beverages in the pot of your houseplant will only hurt it. This is because beverages contain chemicals that will certainly cause harm to your plant. In addition to that, the sugars will attract pests which will in turn weaken your plant. You should only use clean water. Tap water is not the best because it has chemicals. Whenever possible, when watering your draceana, use rain water or fresh water that doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Understand the watering needs
Prior to picking out a plant from the wholesale nurseries, it is imperative that you discuss its care needs with the attendants. Some plants will need more water than others. For example, most plants that have large leaves lose water quickly and hence need to be watered regularly. Speak with the attendant and understand how often you need to water your dracaena. Too much water will cause the roots to rot whereas too little water will cause the plant to weaken and turn yellow. In addition to that, it is important to note that irregular watering habits will stress your houseplant to the extent of causing it to die.

Best way to water
When watering your potted plant, the recommended method by growers is that of watering continuously until water drips out of the drainage holes. This ensures that every part of the growing medium has been watered. Another method is that of placing the pot into a bowl of water and leaving it there until the growing medium sucks up water to the extent of the top being moist.

These are the crucial pieces of information you need to understand about watering. If you ever need help, never hesitate to contact plantscaper suppliers. They are quite generous with information. The key is to never rely on guesswork when it comes to watering.

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Plantscaper Suppliers – What Defines a Good Houseplant?

Plantscaper suppliers understand that the needs of their clients vary. This is why they offer a wide selection of houseplants for people to choose from. The problem with this huge selection is that it will confuse you. Once you take a look at several plants being offered by growers, making a decision will be harder. You are only left with picking the plant that you can easily care for. In this post, we will be looking at the key traits that make an office plant great.

Easy to care for
The most obvious quality is how easy it is for you to care for the plant. The care needs vary from one plant species to another. Not every dracaena species requires the same care. It is for this key reason that the first thing you should do when shopping for houseplants is to spend some time learning more about the care needs.

When it comes to care needs, you have to think beyond watering. Some plants need to be pruned; others have to be repotted to a larger pot every few months while some require more sunlight than others. The idea is to pick the plant that will fit perfectly in your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, you want a potted plant with the least care needs.

A houseplant should make your life better. If the care needs are too much, it will only end up making your life harder. Weigh your options keenly before you pick a draceana or any other plant species.

Aesthetically attractive
Second, you need to take a look at how well the plant fits in your room. In addition to considering the lighting needs, you have to consider the aesthetic appeal. Does it blend well with your finish? The whole purpose of investing in an office plant is to add life to a space. Humidity control and air purification is just a plus. Before you contact the interiorscaper suppliers, you need to take a look at your room and decide on the ideal plant.

Less prone to pests and diseases
Last but not least, you have to consider the vulnerability of the plant to pests and diseases. This point is related to that on care needs but it is worth looking at as an independent point. Some plants are more prone to pests and diseases. They are hence harder to care for. Prior to picking out a plant from the wholesale nurseries, you have to understand the health problems that the species is prone to.

These are the important points you have to consider when shopping for houseplants. Never hesitate to ask your plantscaper suppliers questions and for recommendations. They understand the plants better than you do.

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Wholesale Nurseries – How to Supplement Conditions around Your Houseplants

Wholesale nurseries offer a wide selection of plants for you to pick from. One thing the suppliers will not tell you is that all plants are designed to live out in the outside and in specific conditions. This is a point you must never forget even when bringing houseplants home. The indoor conditions will never be perfect for the potted plants. The good news, however, is that there are a couple of things you can do to improve the conditions.

Use grow lights
All plants, dracaena included, need sunlight to grow. This is needed for the process of photosynthesis. This is the process in which plants make their own food. At times, the indoor conditions are too dark. It is also possible to have a room that doesn’t receive any sunlight. In this case, you should consider using grow lights. These are lights that have been engineered to serve the same purpose served by natural light. You just need to communicate with your growers to find the grow light that will fit in your room and how you should use it for the best results.

Rotate the plant
Still on lighting, if sunlight is coming from one window in the room, you may notice that your plant is bending towards the light. This is a very common issue and it can affect how your plant looks. The solution here is to rotate the plant every now and then. For the best results, plantscaper suppliers recommend that you rotate the plant each time you water. By rotating the plant, you will ensure that every part of the plant receives adequate sunlight and that the plant never bends or gets distorted in any way.

Clean it regularly
At times, the area in which you place your plant may be too dusty. Such areas will block the spores on the leaves of plants and this may lead to problems. If your draceana is situated in a dusty room, you should consider cleaning its leaves every now and then. Use a wet piece of cloth to do this. This will help clear the blockage on the spores thus improving respiration.

Group plants
Another thing that houseplants need is adequate humidity. The problem is that the air in your room might be too dry. This will cause the plant to lose water very fast. To solve the humidity problem, you should consider grouping several houseplants together. This will help them boost the humidity around them since the water they release through their leaves will help create a more humidity environment.

There are many more solutions you can use when caring for houseplants. If you ever feel stuck, never hesitate to seek help from the experts in wholesale nurseries. They will be happy to give you any help you need.

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