Our Hawaiian Nursery

Hawaiian Grown Foliage for the Interiorscape

Our Hawaiian nursery opened in 1999 with our desire being; to have more control of our own inventory, from start to finish.  Our main operation is located in an area of Hilo, called the Panaewa Agriculture Park. This primary location is 10 acres in size with a little less than 3 acres under shade, 3/4 of an acre under hard cover, and half an acre of outdoor table space.  We also have an additional 17 acres of stock field just a little outside of the Hilo area.  Additionally we added 5 more acres of production in the fall 2005 when we opened our Kapoho range.

Currently we are growing Aralia Fabian, Caryota, Chamaedorea Seifritzii, Cordyline colored Ti, (with  some char pieces as well), Dracaena Janet Craig (also Compacta), Hawaii Girl, Hilo Girl, Marginata (stump/char, and cut cane) and Tricolor,  Massangeana,  Warneckii, Kentia, Ming Aralia, Neanthebella, Pleomele Song of India (including some beautiful stumps), Polyscias Black Aralia,  Rhapis, and Zamioculcas Zamiifolia.

Our Hawaiian operation is geared towards growing a product suited for our primary market which is the interiorscape. In our endeavor to provide a superior product for the interiorscaper, we grow smaller numbers of more types of plants providing  a more eclectic mix suited for the interiorscaper,  rather than growing large quantities of fewer types of foliage as some of the other Hawaiian growers have chosen to do,

Here is a link to our Hawaiian nursery photo gallery .

We also have a dracaena cane production  slide show which highlights the stages of growth during topping in the field.